Din Inre Kompass


Yin Yoga is a silent form of yoga as opposed to Yang Yoga, where it mainly relates to muscle. Yin Yoga consists of slow exercises, different breathing techniques and movements. By maintaining a longer time per exercise, there is a controlled stretch of the muscles and connective tissue. Yin Yoga makes your body softer, improves blood circulation and increases concentration. Yin Yoga balances you, gives relaxation and brings new energy.

My lessons are available to everyone. There is no competition, no mirrors, no dress code, no religion, just a lot of respect for each other!

Young or old, lightweight or heavy, rigid or too flexible can participate in my lessons.

There is sufficient personal guidance. During the lesson you get a yoga mat and a pillow to sit on. Any accessories that you can use to get as comfortable as possible in the exercises.

Yin Yoga

"Yin Yoga är en tyst form av yoga i motsats till Yang Yoga, där den huvudsakligen rör muskelkartonger."