Din Kompass


Basic treatment foot

I will cut the nails and take care of the nail environment. Remove calluses and health care. Removal of corns and removal of small spikes (mycosis).

With the help of wet-free technology it is then mechanically finished.

In summary, you can choose a short foot massage with a nutritious cream or top coat of nails in one color.

For pensioners (pensioners) and persons with disabilities, there is a 10% discount. also home visits.


Waxing is a temporary depilation method where the average hair remains removed for 6 weeks. I have a wax cassette for all types of skin. The cassette is heated and the hot wax is placed on the hair using a roller. With a strip, the wax is removed in a movement. After treatment, I use a cooling jelly to prevent irritation stains. I work hygienically and carefully.