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What can chairmassage mean for your business?

What is a chairmassage?

A chairmassage provides a short, relaxing and effective pressure point massage on the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms and hands. It has been developed especially for people at work.

The massage ensures stimulation of blood circulation and balances the energy balance throughout the body. A chairmassage takes a maximum of 25 minutes and is given over clothes without using oil.

The client is in a specially developed chair during the massage. The massager takes care of material. Chairmassage is suitable for all but originally developed for the employeeswithin business.

Over the years, various preventive measures have been taken to reduce the absence. In addition to a good layout in the workplace and ergonomic furniture, chairmassage is a great way to become more aware of workout and congestion. Various organizations have now included chairmassage as a fixed component in its health and safety plan. In large companies where massage is done regularly, sickness absence due to neck, shoulder and back pain decreases. This means that the investment in chair massage at work will pay for itself twice. In addition, the employees experience it as an extremely positive and healthy investment, which is highly appreciated.

Chairmassage can therefore contribute positively to the wellbeing of employees