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Sport massage

Sports massage can not be ignored nowadays, if you live an active and sporty life.

The benefits of a sports massage are:

- Better blood circulation

- Prevention of injuries

- The muscles relax or activate for a match or sporting activity

- Gives energy

- Faster recovery

A sports massage is a tougher massage than a well-being massage. It ensures a better recovery so you can work out again optimally. That's what I like to help you with.

Injury treatment through sports tire and kinesiotejpning.

As an athlete you may need to handle from time to time. I want to help you train sports without problems as quickly as possible. Treatment in time to prevent worse is of great importance. Most athletes underestimate their inconveniences and continue for a long time. With the application of Kinesio Tape or normal sports tire, injury / injury can be prevented. Tape provides a faster recovery and provides support when needed.

Faster recovery, better performance.