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What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is the treatment of edema, an excess of fluid that accumulates in one or more places in the body. Lymphatic drainage can help trigger disturbed fluid circulation. The treatment consists of massage. By stimulating the lymphatic system, the fluid is removed and distributed better over the body. The therapists massage in the flow direction of the lymphatic gland and provide excess fluid to a place where the lymphatic system still functions properly so that the moisture is treated in a natural way. Lymph drainage does not heal, but prevents or limits the effects of edema.

Lymphatic drainage is an element of an edema treatment. A great role is also given for information, exercise therapy and aids as support socks, ties and straps.

Massage and lymphatic drainage

Lymph drainage is a form of massage. With very soft circular movements, the therapist stimulates drainage of fluid, and thus often also by toxins. A patience work for the masseur. For the person who is undergoing massage, on the other hand, it feels like a nice massage. The fluid drainage through lymphatic drainage reduces the pressure on the skin and / or the organs. This reduces pain and discomfort ..

Contraindications lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage is very unwise in the following cases:

⦁ acute inflammation

⦁ acute thrombosis

⦁ presence of tumors

⦁ sinuscarotic syndrome

⦁ skin inflammation by radiation therapy

⦁ for rapid thyroid-based diseas