Din Kompass

Herbal stamp massage

A herbal stamp massage, as the name suggests, is a massage with warm herbal stamps. Herbal stamps are bundles filled with herbs that have cleaning, activating and relaxing properties. In addition to a skin care treatment, there is also a very nice relaxation massage. In short, a herbal massage provides relaxation, well-being and gives a detoxification and vitrifying effect.

The effects of a herbal stamp:

- vitalizing effect of the skin

- detoxification, drainage and relaxing effect

- stress reduction

- lymph circulation and bleeding circulation improved

- has a calming effect on rheumatism, muscle pain gout

The effects of herbal stamp massage penetrate deep into the underlying tissues and muscles, which in turn has a positive effect on blood flow.

Blood vessels expand and accumulated waste products in dense muscles can be drained more quickly. The scent of herbs is very relaxing. In short, the massage stimulates the body to function better.