Din Kompass

Foot reflex massage

If we look at our feet, we can divide them into different zones and see the body projected on / in our feet. Foot reflex zonal therapy aims to provide an impulse to the photons that communicate with the various organs, nerves and glands. So that the relevant (disease) body can recover, or a weak body can strengthen. Through the treatment, disorders that are formed in the body can be eliminated so that the body can heal itself.

Foot reflex massage is often used for sleep disorders, headache, muscle and joint pain, menstrual pain, chronic pain and stress and depression.

Footreflexology assumes that the various organs, nerves and glands in the body are connected to certain areas of reflection on our feet through energy channels / nerves. By massaging these areas in a particular way, called zone therapy. Symptoms / symptoms can be remedied or relieved naturally. The massage provides complete relaxation, stimulates blood circulation, promotes nutrient uptake and removal of waste products and improves nerve functions.

Foot reflex massage is suitable for people with tension, headache, stress, fatigue, back and neck problems, hormonal problems, indigestion etc.

A footreflexology massage can also be combined with a relaxing massage or a warm stone massage and closes a pedicure treatment.